Advanced delivers fast, reliable, peer-to-peer communications from the smallest two panel network up to a large 200 node network.

Advanced network systems are fully scalable to suit virtually any application including ‘campus’ style and ‘high rise’ style configurations. Built-in diagnostics and test facilities make installation and ongoing maintenance simple. Performance exceeds multiple international standards.

Main Features

  • Peer-to-peer performance for optimum distributed intelligence
  • Consistent system performance independent of the number of nodes
  • Synchonisation of audio and strobes across entire 200 node network
  • Fail Safe operation if loss of master command centre
  • Supports multiple true peer-to-peer command centre operation
  • Request/control/deny
  • Sectoring feature allows customised operations per node
  • Integrated or Isolated high rise telephone network option
  • Single or multiple DACT, radio and/or city tie options

  • Offline test option isolates panels from network during testing without fear of false alarms
  • Class B cable wiring – 32 nodes, 5,000ft maximum
  • Class A cable wiring – 200 nodes, 5,000ft between nodes, 66,000ft maximum
  • Fibre cable – 16,404ft max between nodes
  • ipGateway transmits emails and text messages via a secure internet connection while also allowing remote viewing of system status and controls
  • AdView graphics provides graphical user interface in single or multiple stations
  • AX-BMS interfaces to third party building automation and controls solutions via standard BACnet or Modbus communications

  • One configuration tool is required to program Axis AX panels. Diagnostic features prevent erroneous actions that may be detected prior to on-site installation and test
  • Each intelligent audio node contains up to 16 digital messages which are synchronised across the entire 200-node network
  • SLC power technology built into each panel provides tremendous application options
  • Nodes may be customised to suit any application, reducing installation costs and maximizing performance. Nodes may (or may not) include SLC, displays, microphones, telephones, amplifiers, power supplies, switch modules, and any AX peripheral device
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