ServiceTool helps you demonstrate proof of servicing and keep track of service schedules with ease. Simply connect your PC to the fire panel using standard RS232 or USB cable and download the data.

  • Extract device information and event logs from single or multiple panels
  • View device history including last activation, test, enable, disable and date created
  • View device status, analogue values and drift (contaminated) information
  • Apply filters so data can be grouped and searched by zone, device type, loop and network node ID
  • Access the network simulation and test feature
  • Create custom categories containing specific devices tagged for quick identification
  • Customise reports to show the information you need and export them as PDF, Excel or HTML files

Software is now available from our technical support team, please click the link and fill out the form to request software access:

Request Software

An open laptop displaying a red screen with the text 'ServiceTool'