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Advanced fire protection products are built in the UK to exacting local and international standards. Through careful design and testing, we ensure they deliver enduring performance, quality and ease of use.

Discover our extensive range of Advanced fire protection solutions, and why they’re trusted around the world.

Fire Protection

Advanced fire protection solutions are trusted around the world for their performance, quality and ease of use. Our wide range of versatile products includes fire panels, extinguishing control, paging panels and customised solutions designed to meet your exact needs. Our robust hardware is matched by flexible software that delivers a host of benefits, including powerful false alarm reduction, unbeatable networking and easy BMS integration, for complete fire safety peace of mind.
Advanced Go single loop fire alarm panel from the front


EN 54
This single loop fire alarm panel is fast to fit, quick to configure and easy to use without compromising on…
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MxPro 5

EN 54
Our robust and reliable Advanced MxPro 5 addressable fire panels are known and trusted for their exceptional performance, quality and…
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An example of our customised fire panels


If you have a complex fire protection challenge, our AdSpecials team will help you solve it. Working closely with you,…
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AxisGo panel and various compatible devices including wired and wireless detectors, sounder and call point


EN 54
This single-loop fire alarm panel, part of the Axis EN range, is fast to fit, quick to configure and easy…
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Axis EN family of panels with devices

Axis EN

EN 54
Axis EN is your complete fire protection system solution. Combining a high-performance, addressable panel approved to EN54 Parts 2, 4…
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Axis AX fire alarm system family in grey and red

Axis AX

Axis AX is a versatile fire alarm system of high-performance fire panels, audio systems, command centres and devices designed to…
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ExGo gas suppression system panel face on


EN12094-1,EN 54
ExGo provides a simple, dependable solution to complex fire protection problems in high-risk sites. The gas suppression system works by…
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TouchControl touchscreen fire alarm panel showing map


EN 54
TouchControl is the sleek and versatile remote control terminal and repeater that combines aesthetics with practicality. TouchControl gives you the…
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Example of an EN54 power supply unit face on

Power Supply Units

EN 54
We offer a comprehensive range of EN54-approved, switch-mode power supply units. These are ideal for powering fire alarm system components…
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Networked Peripherals

EN 54
The PENN (peripheral expansion network node) is a network device that lets you install Advanced's comprehensive range of peripheral cards…
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QuickZone XL32 conventional fire panel face on


EN 54
QuickZone is our fuss-free conventional fire panel range. Quick to fit, configure and maintain, QuickZone delivers performance, quality and ease…
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Advanced redundant control fire system redundancy panel face on with the door closed

Redundant Control

Easy to install, commission and maintain, whether in new or retrofit applications, our redundant control panel provides complete peace of…
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LifeLine panel with pagers and card

LifeLine (Legacy)

The LifeLine radio paging panel is no longer available to purchase. Selected spare parts for existing systems are still available…
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MxPro 4 (Legacy)

EN 54
The Mx Pro 4 range of panels is no longer available to purchase.  If you require spare parts for an…
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Remote Management

AdvancedLive is our new digital remote management solution that gives you secure, easy, real-time access to your Advanced fire system data via any internet-enabled device. (AdvancedLive is currently available in the UK and Ireland only.)
AdvancedLive remote fire panel monitoring on laptop and mobile phone


AdvancedLive is the fire panel monitoring solution that enables secure, easy, real-time management of your fire system – anytime, anywhere,…
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Evacuation Alert

The evacuation alert system for easy BS 8629 compliance Built using our industry-leading MxPro 5 panel technology, EvacGo delivers proven performance, quality and ease of use. Combining robustness and reliability with speed and simplicity, EvacGo’s wired, wireless and hybrid options provide freedom to create the best possible evacuation alert solution, as specified by your local fire and rescue service. 
EvacGo shown face on, with the door open


BS 8629
Our evacuation alert system, EvacGo, is designed to support safe evacuation of tall residential buildings by the fire and rescue…
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Emergency Lighting

LuxIntelligent is our automatic emergency lighting test system for easy compliance with BS 5266. It works with our high-quality LED luminaires and exit signs including EasySafe, our ultra-low voltage range, and can be retrofitted to almost any existing luminaire. We also offer dynamic safety sign systems which use pulsing LEDs to highlight the safest escape routes and make it faster and safer to evacuate a building.
LuxIntelligent emergency light testing system panel face on

LuxIntelligent Automatic Testing Panel

I.S. 3217,BS 5266-1
The LuxIntelligent emergency light testing system makes compliance with emergency lighting guidelines easy and cost effective. It's quick to install…
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LuxIntelligent Ethernet, WiFi or 4G Router

BS 5266-1
The LuxIntelligent Ethernet, WiFi or 4G Router is an economical and easy way to monitor your emergency lighting system from…
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Mor-LED bulkhead luminaire, a polycarbonate base combined with a clear fresnel lens

Self-Contained Luminaires

BS 5266-1
We offer a wide range of standalone LED luminaires and exit signs. Our emergency LED luminaires includes our LED-lite range…
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Intelligent pulse lighting unit (PLU)


BS 5266-1
Do you have pre-existing emergency luminaires? That’s no problem as our intelligent pulse lighting units (PLUs) can be retrofitted to…
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Intelligent pulse lighting unit (PLU)


BS 5266-1
Do you want to use a third party luminaire to achieve a specific aesthetic?  Then send your existing luminaires to…
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EasySafe downlighter

EasySafe Low-Voltage Lights

BS 5266-1
EasySafe addressable emergency luminaires and exit signs are a low voltage emergency lighting option which work with our high-performance LuxIntelligent…
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Mounted emergency exit sign

Dynamic Safety Signage Systems

Dynamic Safety Signage is a type of emergency exit sign that helps people evacuate safely during a fire or other…
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Training & Support

It’s vital for fire safety that you thoroughly understand the solutions we offer. From CPDs on meeting standards and the latest legislation, to installation and maintenance advice, we offer a comprehensive range of training and resources. So together, we can create a safer future…

Training Image


When you buy an Advanced fire protection solution, you have the comfort of knowing we've got your back. Whether you're new to our products and need initial training or have been using them for years and require-on-site assistance, our highly-rated team is here to help. We also have an extensive range of supporting materials to help boost your Advanced product knowledge.

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Technical Support Image

Technical Support

We’re committed to achieving the highest standards of fire safety and believe that building knowledge and expertise is vital. This is why we offer free technical support for all our panels. Whether you need quick setup advice whilst on site or help planning a complex network, we have the expertise to ensure your fire protection solution is fit for purpose and provides long-term safety and peace of mind.

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