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MxPro 4 Phase-out

Update re MxPro 4 range - January 2023

We regularly review our product portfolio to ensure we continue to provide you with products that deliver optimal performance, quality, and ease of use.

We would like to advise you that from 1st January 2023 the MxPro 4 range of panels is no longer available for sale:

  • Alternative products, offering enhanced functionality, are available to you within the Go and MxPro 5 ranges.
  • We intend for all our panels to have cloud connectivity in future – the MxPro 4 does not support this capability.
  • A number of MxPro 4 components are becoming increasingly scarce as technologies move on.

However, to ensure full support for all installed MxPro 4 panels, we are committed to the ongoing supply of MxPro 4 spare parts for the foreseeable future. View the available products in the documents section here.

As ever, our sales, customer and technical support teams are on hand to offer advice and answer any questions. Please call: 0345 894 7000 or email

John Newton | Head of Products and Regulatory

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