AdvancedLive is the fire panel monitoring solution that enables secure, easy, real-time management of your fire system – anytime, anywhere, on any internet-enabled device, so you can enjoy greater fire safety peace of mind.

A clear dashboard simplifies day-to-day fire panel monitoring, while instant incident alerts give first responders maximum time to act – for faster, better safety decisions and minimum disruption to building occupants.

For engineers, checking live status, via list or map view, before travelling to site, ensures service visits and call-outs are well planned and cost-effective.

When it comes to remote fire system access, security is paramount, so we’ve put a host of protections in place as well as a simple solution for setting and revoking control levels by named user.

And when it comes to compliance, we’ve got you covered too, with at-a-glance device history to help you spot, predict and prevent issues.

AdvancedLive is currently available in the UK and Ireland only.

AdvancedLive remote fire panel monitoring on laptop and mobile phone

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How will AdvancedLive help me?

Easy fire system monitoring

Quickly and easily check your fire system’s health, whenever you want, via the intuitive AdvancedLive dashboard instead of needing to be on site.

Safer incident responses

Be the first to know when incidents happen, via instant notifications, and track how events evolve in real time – for faster, safer, informed decisions on the go.

Fewer unwanted alarms

Help avoid unwanted alarms by setting and ending device isolations before resetting the system at the panel.

Secure remote access

Be confident about fire system security with easy control of access and permissions by user and seeing which actions were taken, by whom and when.

Efficient reporting

Quick-access panel and device history make event analysis easy – see device type, state, zone, loop, address, analogue value and key dates at a glance.


Time and cost savings

AdvancedLive helps avoid unnecessary trips to site, enables better service and maintenance planning, and allows preventive action so issues don’t escalate.


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AdvancedLive remote fire panel monitoring on laptop and mobile phone

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