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AdSpecials: Customised fire protection solutions

Date: July 14 2020
Time: 10:30 - 11:00 am
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Ken Bullock, Regional Sales Manager, will introduce AdSpecials – our dedicated engineering and manufacturing service for creating customised fire panels and control interfaces. He will share case studies of where practical challenges have been met with an AdSpecials solution, and will guide you through the process of getting exactly the right product to meet your specific needs – from order to delivery. Ken will answer your live and pre-registered questions at the end of the session. This webinar is suitable for anyone who wants to find out how we work with customers to deliver unique solutions whatever the fire protection challenge.

Webinars on demand


Minimising false alarms for maximum safety

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Amanda Hope, UK Business Development Manager at Advanced, runs through the flexible false alarm management features you can use to adapt your false alarm management strategy to meet a range of different buildings’ needs.

Watch on demand: Evacuation planning

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This webinar focuses on Evacuation planning, ensuring you are compliant with the new BS 8629 standard. The webinar is presented by Amanda Hope of Advanced and Steve Norman of London Fire Brigade.

Software solutions: the hidden features with visible benefits

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In this webinar, Ken Bullock of Advanced looks at the versatile software features that are hidden within Advanced panels. These include the built-in service, oscilloscope and logo tools, all of which are available to help you meet a variety of needs and save you time, cost and inconvenience.

Hardworking hardware: solutions for an easier life

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Phil Calvey, Regional Sales Manager, explains the hardware features that distinguish MxPro 5 fire panels. He explains everything from loops cards and LED indicators to printers and peripherals.

Powerful networking: solutions to meet any installation challenge

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Neil Parkin, Regional Sales Manager, explains the advantages of fire alarm networks including scaleability, versatility and ease of integration. The webinar also outlines practical ways of applying networking to help solve fire protection challenges.

Q&A webinar: features of the fire panel

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In this webinar, we answer live questions that have been asked in our webinar series to date. Topics include: fire panel hardware, software, false alarm management and networking.

Axis EN: The fire system for the EN world

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Vladimir Zrnic, Regional Sales Manager at Advanced, runs through the features of the EN-approved Axis EN fire system, from system layout to detectors, call points and false alarm management software. This webinar is suitable for anyone interested in fire systems for markets where EN54 approval is important.

Extinguishing control: powerful protection for sensitive sites

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Ken Bullock explains the features of ExGo – Advanced's extinguishing control solution that’s used to meet the fire protection challenges of sensitive and critical sites in the UK and around the world.


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