Port Sudan Pipeline, Sudan


Axis EN intelligent fire systems from Advanced were selected to protect critical infrastructure along a 1,600km Sudanese oil pipeline.

Control buildings and pumping stations along the pipeline, which plays an important part in the country’s infrastructure, are protected by Axis EN and ExGo extinguishant control panels.

The Sudanese Petroleum Pipeline Company commissioned a fire protection and suppression control right along the double pipeline, which runs 800km from Khartoum, the country’s capital, to Port Sudan. Advanced products were selected for their reputation for quality, ease-of-use and reliability.

Axis EN is Advanced’s EN54 2, 4 and 13 approved fire system and offers leading performance and flexibility. It is available in 1-8 loop formats as standard, and supports up to 240 devices per loop. ExGo is Advanced’s extinguishant and suppression control system, which has been developed specifically for sensitive and strategic assets such as server rooms, historic and cultural attractions and control rooms.



Axis EN – DoP(EU) VMxxx

Axis EN – 2797-CPR-775394

Axis EN wireless brochure

Axis EN wireless flyer

ExGo – DBI certification

Consultant Specification for ExGo

Consultant Specification for Axis EN

Axis EN Training Brochure

Axis EN – DoP 2021 ACWS + AWSM

Axis EN – DOP 2021 MX5000 DK

Axis En – 2831-CPR-F4700-Issue-1-20-VW2W100-ADV

AXIS EN – 2831-CPR-F4699-Issue-1-20-SGWE100-ADV

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