Office Complex, Dubai

Middle East

A host of fire and life safety solutions from Advanced have been installed to protect 26,000 sq. metres of grade A office space in Mohammed Bin Rashid City, Dubai.

EN 54-approved Axis EN fire panels with integrated voice evacuation and fire telephone systems have been installed across four, seven-storey office buildings at the prestigious Dubai Hills Estate Business Park. Cignetix Systems was responsible for the installation, testing and commissioning of the Advanced Axis EN fire panels at the site. The company also integrated its graphic command centres for system monitoring, and configured its AlarmCalm software for false alarm management and reduction.

The Axis EN system comprises five 4-loop panels with integrated telephone systems, two 2-loop and four 1-loop panels as well as a repeater. It is connected to over 1,000 detectors in each of the four office blocks, as well as to the site’s PC-based graphical mapping system, which is in turn connected to the Dubai Civil Defence for monitoring. The system has been designed so that it is easy for new tenants to add more panels and devices to the network, depending on their individual fire protection requirements.

Sunil Kumar Gopalkrishnan, Managing Director of Cignetix Systems, said: “Cignetix has worked with Advanced’s solutions for many years, and we were entirely confident that its fire system could deliver the levels of performance and functionality required to offer a high level of protection across this prestigious site. We programmed a two-stage positive alarm sequence to support the site’s false alarm management strategy. We also integrated the fire system with a range of third-party systems including access control lifts, air handling units and smoke control to make it easier for end users to monitor and control the system on a day-to-day basis.”


Axis EN – DoP(EU) VMxxx

Axis EN – 2797-CPR-775394

Axis EN wireless brochure

Axis EN wireless flyer

Consultant Specification for Axis EN

Axis EN Training Brochure

Axis EN – DoP 2021 ACWS + AWSM

Axis EN – DOP 2021 MX5000 DK

Axis En – 2831-CPR-F4700-Issue-1-20-VW2W100-ADV

AXIS EN – 2831-CPR-F4699-Issue-1-20-SGWE100-ADV

Axis EN – 2831-CPR-F4561-Issue-1_AXIS-RCP

Axis EN – 2831-CPR-F2065-Issue-3-Axis-ROH

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