Wafi Hotel and Mall, Dubai

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A network of 19 Axis EN fire panels from Advanced, has been installed at the prestigious Wafi Hotel and Mall in Dubai.

Wafi City is a mixed-use development in Dubai, United Arab Emirates. The complex includes a mall, hotels, restaurants, residences, and a nightclub. The ‘city’ is styled in the theme of Ancient Egypt.

In total, 19 EN54-approved Axis EN fire panels, including integrated fire telephone system, and 7,500 devices have been installed across the US$750million Wafi Hotel and Mall development project. The site itself comprises a 50-storey, 5-star hotel and serviced apartment tower, in addition to the mall which has undergone a 100,000m² expansion that includes a hypermarket, retail spaces, 19-screen cinema complex and parking.

Installed at the hotel, which boasts 501 luxury guestrooms and 86 suites, a ballroom, numerous conference and hospitality facilities as well as a temperature-controlled pool deck, are 14 4-loop, 2-loop and 1-loop Axis EN fire panels and 5,500 devices. Included in the active fire protection measures for the Wafi Mall, cinema and car park are a further five Axis EN fire panels of 4-loop and 2-loop variants, alongside an additional 2000 devices.


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