Zone Function Programming:

To maximise configuration options, QuickZone allows individual zones to have specific programmed options including:

  • Set as latching or non-latching
  • Short circuit = Fire for monitoring
  • Specified for MTL5061 I.S barrier compatibility
  • Compatible with schottky or zener diode bases
  • False alarm management modes
  • Set delays to outputs
  • Silent mode for indication purposes – visual and audible alarm at panel but no sounder operation
  • Detector removal monitoring can be turned off for older non-approved detectors (non-compliant to EN54.)
  • Twin wire zone can be programmed to zone of origin continuous ringing. Other zones can be set to pulsing, silence or continuous.


  • Two independent programmable inputs – class change and alert input
  • Either or both inputs can be programmed for remote evacuation, remote silence alarm, remote reset.
  • Inputs programmable for indication purposes so the zone 12 LED or fault LED will illuminate.
  • Two additional programmable inputs (remote reset & remote silence alarms), are available on the 16-32 zone panels.


  • Can be set to latching
  • Fault outputs can be inverted
  • Aux relays and all outputs, including sounders, are independently programmable:
    • On, off or pulsing
    • Programmed to a dedicated zone
    • Programmed with a custom response to silence alarm, evacuate, class change input, alert input or during zone delay.
  • Other sounders can be switched off, pulsing or continuous
  • Output delays can be applied to aux outputs and sounders (for example investigation delay for false alarm management).
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