Easy to install, commission and maintain, whether in new or retrofit applications, our redundant control panel provides complete peace of mind that your fire system will continue to work, even when faults occur.

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Continuous fire protection

Ideal for installations where continuous fire protection is critical, Advanced’s redundant control provides total peace of mind by safeguarding people and property and assuring business continuity.

Total peace of mind

The Advanced redundant fire alarm panel operates in ‘hot standby’ mode and is ready to automatically take over full control whenever the main panel detects a system trouble/fault. This means no system downtime and total peace of mind that your fire system will continue to work even when faults occur.

Take control

Full fire system redundancy – not just a redundant microprocessor.

  • Simple configuration
  • Easy installation and wiring
  • Many redundancy options to suit your needs
  • No downtime in building safety

Business continuity

If the main panel experiences a system fault caused by the network card, motherboard, display, PSU, or loop card, the DRCM automatically switches all field wiring to the redundant panel. If the mains incoming supply fails, an internal AC feeder selector card switches to a backup mains supply.

Control options

You choose the level of control you want to have over your redundant system. We design fully automatic fire system redundancy as well as providing options for manual control.

  • Main, Automatic or Redundant control options
  • LED or customised indication
  • Key switch control for maintenance purposes

Fault-tolerant networking

Advanced’s fault-tolerant networks are wired using two diverse routes. This configuration provides the first line of defence against system failure due to faults.

If a break occurs in the network, data transfer continues in the opposite direction so there is no loss in fire protection.


Depending on the nature of your site, you may not require full redundant control across your entire system.

We give you the option to install and configure redundancy exactly where you need it, saving you time as well as material and installation costs.

Redundant voice alarm*

Where amplifiers are installed within the fire system, they can be configured as 40W amplifiers with backup.

Should an internal trouble/fault on the amplifier occur, the backup amplifier will take control and so maintain the integrity of the system.
*Available on AX panels only


Our AdSpecials custom build department creates redundant panels to meet your needs, following a clear and simple process.

Configuration is easy, with only one file required for the whole network. Data from up to 200 panels stored in one configuration file.


Redundancy Brochure

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