Webinar: Beyond compliance – achieving greater evacuation safety with Dynamic Safety Sign Systems

Finding your way out of a building in an emergency can be a stressful and often perilous incident.  How can new technology help to improve the safety of occupants?

This presentation will discuss current emergency lighting standards and the current escape signage in place today and then introduce the new concept of Dynamic Safety Sign Systems. These systems can be automatically triggered by almost any fire panel to provide clear, unambiguous escape route indication for much-improved evacuation safety.

You will learn how occupants tend to react in an emergency and how a Dynamic Safety Sign System can be used to adapt to or overcome natural human behaviour; guiding people to their nearest escape route, and also actively routing them away from hazardous areas.

Peter Aldridge from the National Association of Healthcare Fire Officers (NAHFO) will talk about current fire safety issues in hospitals, which include surge pressures, catch-up after COVID and recent fires.

Watch on demand.

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