Do you want to use a third party luminaire to achieve a specific aesthetic?  Then send your existing luminaires to us and we’ll convert them so that they work with our LuxIntelligent automatic light testing panel.

Simply send them to us and we can convert them for you. Not only will we ensure your devices are returned to you ready to plug into your new system, but we will also take over the warranty of the devices for your added peace of mind. Our conversion process is ICEL 1004 approved and we carry out all conversions to the highest standards.  Alternatively we offer a wide range of LED luminaires and exit signs.

Intelligent pulse lighting unit (PLU)


LuxIntelligent Brochure

LuxIntelligent Datasheets Brochure


LuxIntelligent Loop Wiring Guide

BS 5266-1 Emergency Lighting Pocket Guide

I.S. 3217 Emergency Lighting Pocket Guide

LuxIntelligent Photometric Files

LuxIntelligent Parts List


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You’ll find all the technical information you need in our LuxIntelligent datasheets.

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