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A landmark £11.6 million new building at the University of Sheffield has been equipped with the industry-leading, LuxIntelligent emergency lighting test system from Advanced. The installation is integrated with the fire alarm system and has the capacity to activate automatically when the alarm goes off, if specified by the end user.

The installation is in the seven-storey Pam Liversidge Building, home to the University’s Engineering Graduate School. The seven-storey building required a fully addressable emergency lighting test system and Lux Intelligent system was selected on the basis of quality, reliability and full compatibility with the identical system in the adjoining ChELSI Building, as well as many other buildings across the university.

Lux Intelligent ensures all emergency lighting is compliant and functioning with no engineer intervention required, saving money, time and potential legal action. The system can be retrofitted onto existing wiring and luminaires, keeping installation costs to a minimum. It is one of the most flexible systems available with panels supporting 1-4 loops, 249 devices per loop and up to 200 panels in a network. Lux Intelligent is also compatible with most third party lights and luminaires giving installers and end users unprecedented purchasing freedom. Each luminaire complies with the Industry Committee for Emergency Lighting (ICEL) recommendations and Advanced has full ICEL 1004 approval for the re-engineering of luminaires for emergency lighting use.

LuxIntelligent is now available with cloud data storage and live system fault and compliance monitoring via a smartphone and tablet apps. Users can add any site in their portfolio to the cloud service and get live system data from site, right down to device level. ‘Any level reports’ allow fault, test and maintenance reports to be generated from a whole site right down to individual devices. These can be shared with colleagues or maintenance partners in a click.


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Consultant Specification for Emergency Lighting

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