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The University of Edinburgh, one of the UK’s most prestigious educational establishments with a history stretching back to 1582, is now protected by industry-leading MxPro intelligent fire panels from Advanced.

Edinburgh is the sixth oldest university in the English-speaking world, with the Old College building being opened in the early 19th century as a school for anatomy and surgery. The original campus was expanded in the 1880s with the addition of the New College, and the university now occupies six sites throughout Edinburgh.

The new fire system installed at the main campus by long-term Advanced partner FMS Fire and Security Limited, covers the entire university campus. It comprises of multi-loop Advanced MxPro 4 and MxPro 5 panels, connected using fault-tolerant network cards. Alongside the fire panels, four of Advanced’s LifeLine alarm and emergency communication notification panels were installed at the University King’s Buildings for engineer paging purposes.

MxPro is the industry’s leading multiprotocol panel and offers customers a choice of two panel ranges, four detector protocols and a completely open installer network that enjoys free training and support. LifeLine enables the instant transmission of fire alarm alerts to building residents via vibrating pillow pads. It also allows live notification of system status and pre-programmed messages via personal pagers to site staff, engineers and the hearing impaired.



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