Trinity Episcopal Church, Rhode Island

North America

One of the oldest churches in America, Trinity Episcopal Church in Newport, Rhode Island, is protected by an Advanced Axis AX fire system.

Built in 1726, the National Historic Landmark is constructed entirely from wood, putting it at high risk of fire. Its current fire protection system was outdated and an updated system was necessary for the church to remain in compliance with local fire codes. However, the new system would have to be easily operated by the church personnel to avoid false activations caused by smoke from candles used during church services. State law also required that the fire panel be inoperable to the public.

The new system comprises beam and duct detectors, sprinkler monitoring, HVAC shutdown and a radio callbox to protect the large open space of the church, all controlled by an Advanced Axis AX fire panel. The panel allows church personnel to easily set timed disablements through a key switch or annunciator to correspond with church services, without requiring extensive reprogramming.

Axis AX panels have been designed to offer more power and performance in a user friendly format, packing in more configuration, control and interface options than any comparable Advanced panel. Multiple advanced features mean it will maintain its performance advantages for years to come.



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Axis AX Brochure

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