Swansea University, Wales

UK & Ireland

Swansea University has installed a network of Advanced MxPro 5 fire panels to protect its 65-acre, £450 million Bay campus.

Developed over a decade beginning in 2010, the Bay Campus has state-of-the-art facilities, direct access to a beautiful beach, and a seafront promenade. It is home to Engineering, the School of Management, the Computational Foundry and The College, as well as more than 2,000 ensuite rooms for student living.

The University has installed 25 one, two and four-loop MxPro 5 fire alarm control panels throughout its 11 campus buildings. Installed alongside over 5000 Hochiki and Apollo protocol devices, each fire panel has been programmed as a standalone, with all information reporting back to the main security command centre repeater panel. Over the years to come and as the campus continues to grow, further panels can be added to the site-wide network wise ease, creating time and cost efficiencies, while minimising disruption to the university’s staff and students.

MxPro 5 is the fire industry’s leading multiprotocol fire system solution and was recently certified by FM Approvals to the EN 54 standard. It offers customers a choice of two panel ranges, four detector protocols and a completely open installer network, backed up by free training and support. MxPro panels can be used in single-loop, single-panel format or easily configured into high-speed networks of up to 200 panels covering huge areas. MxPro’s ease of installation and configuration as well as its wide peripheral range make it customisable to almost any application.




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