Royal Albert Hall, London

UK & Ireland

As part of a major upgrade at the Royal Albert Hall, six networked MxPro 4 intelligent control panels from Advanced were installed. These panels have been fitted with ipGateway to enable the system to be monitored over the Internet using a standard web browser.

The ipGateway is a fully interactive Internet portal that provides a detailed description of the system and reports its current status. The ability to remotely interrogate the fire system is a valuable benefit to the end user and Leader Systems, which can identify problems before they actually happen and reduce unnecessary journeys to site.

The MxPro 4 four-loop panels are connected to over a thousand Apollo and Xpander devices. There is also condition monitoring of all dampers via a bespoke LED mimic panel. Overall monitoring and management of the system is achieved with Advanced’s PC-NeT graphics software running on a standard PC connected to the fire network.

The MxPro 4 panels have sophisticated cause-and-effect programmability and powerful I/O capability — as demonstrated by a simple mode-change facility. Royal Albert Hall’s maintenance team can change the mode of specific detectors during a performance via a simple key switch connected to one of the panels.


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