Coconino High School, Arizona

North America

Advanced Axis AX panels saved almost by $20,000 by allowing the fire systems at Coconino High School, Arizona, to be updated as an alternative to complete replacement.

Coconino High School, a member of the Flagstaff Unified School District, opened in 1967. Having experienced two massive remodels and several lightning strikes over the years, school officials noticed during the latest remodel that the fire systems were unstable, with obsolete parts that made repairs difficult. The job posed several unique challenges as the current system was a non-addressable 30 zone hardwired system, with some elements almost 30 years old.

To address these issues, an Advanced Axis AX CTL-4 intelligent fire system was installed. The Axis AX has four fully filtered, voltage regulated SLC addressable circuits that could accommodate the old wiring types and methods, and sheer length of wire in the high school’s current system. Using the Axis AX panel, the installers engineered and commissioned the upgrade on the go. After some modifications to the 25 year-old duct smoke detectors, new equipment was retrofitted to the hardwired system. This saved the school district approximately $20,000 compared to a new installation.

In addition to its ability to work with older fire systems, Axis AX also provided school officials with enhanced functionality and visibility over the older model fire system. The panel’s diagnostics and function buttons allow complete system interrogation and control. If a problem in the system occurs, the panel can indicate the location so a technician can quickly address the issue and get the system back online.


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Axis AX Brochure

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