Dom Seniora Care Home, Poland


One of Poland’s premier nursing and care establishments, Dom Seniora Willmanowa Pokusa in Krzeszow, is protected by an industry-leading Axis EN fire system from Advanced, including AlarmCalm false alarm management.

The exclusive nursing home is a private resort located close to the historic Basilica Krzeszowska, in the province of Lower Silesia. The establishment, which offers one, two and three bedroom accommodation, is protected by Advanced’s Axis EN fire system which is fully approved for use in Poland.

Axis EN can be used in single loop, single panel format or easily configured into high speed, 200 panel networks covering huge areas. The Axis EN system includes a high performance device and module range, including a complete wireless solution. It enjoys key approvals including EN54 2,4&13 and is sold in over 60 territories worldwide.

Advanced’s high performance networking allows the Axis EN system to be accessed via web browser using a bespoke ipGateway module. It can be monitored and controlled by a graphics packages and is easily integrated into third party building management systems.


Axis EN – DoP(EU) VMxxx

Axis EN – 2797-CPR-775394

Axis EN wireless brochure

Axis EN wireless flyer

Consultant Specification for Axis EN

Axis EN Training Brochure

Axis EN – DoP 2021 ACWS + AWSM

Axis EN – DOP 2021 MX5000 DK

Axis En – 2831-CPR-F4700-Issue-1-20-VW2W100-ADV

AXIS EN – 2831-CPR-F4699-Issue-1-20-SGWE100-ADV

Axis EN – 2831-CPR-F4561-Issue-1_AXIS-RCP

Axis EN – 2831-CPR-F2065-Issue-3-Axis-ROH

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