Capital City Academy, London

UK & Ireland

Capital City Academy, a landmark London school designed by Foster & Partners, is protected by an MxPro multiprotocol fire system from Advanced.

The award winning structure was built to the highest standards as a new breed of school, creating an environment that nurtures and inspires young people.

The fire system, which is based around Advanced’s industry-leading MxPro 5 panels, was installed and commissioned as a major upgrade wireless system and was specified because of the openness, flexibility and performance offered by Advanced products. The radical design of the building Challenges meant that some parts of the system had to be specially adapted to fit and the ease of installation of the MxPro 5 came into its own. The MxPro 5 control panel offers quick, simple installation and configuration.

MxPro is Advanced’s unbeatable multiprotocol fire panel; it allows customers to choose from two ranges of fully networkable intelligent panels, four protocols and a completely open installer network which benefits from free training and support. MxPro 5 panels are compatible with Apollo, Argus, Hochiki and Nittan protocols and come in 1-8 loop formats with a complete range of compatible devices and peripherals. Its processing power means it delivers greater capability than any other Advanced.


MxPro 5 wireless flyer

Consultant Specification for MxPro 5

MxPro 5 Brochure

EN54 Part 13 Brochure

Historic Sites Brochure

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