PerfectSync delivers best-in-class synchronisation of audio and strobes for fire, life safety and mass notification applications. PerfectSync achieves a level of integrity and performance not seen before.

  • Synchronisation of audio and strobes across entire Axis AX network
  • Dynamically adjusts as conditions change
  • Prevents confusion during an emergency
  • Aids in meeting intelligibility requirements
  • No need for special programming or wiring


Axis AX network capacity

  • 200 panels
  • 3200 distributed amplifiers
  • Each amplifier contains its own digital message generator
  • Each message generator can support 16 messages
  • 800 built-in NAC circuits

Total synchronisation

All speakers turn on and are fully synchronised even if the same message is played from different amplifiers connected to different panels on a large network.

The maximum time to re-activate any speaker output following the first message played does not exceed 5 seconds. When a fire spreads, any new affected areas or higher priority messages will begin immediately. This may result in some areas of the building being briefly out of sync. With PerfectSync these areas will quickly re-synchronise again even on a large network system.

Similarly, paging operation may result in some areas of the building being temporarily out of sync as any automatic message must recommence from the beginning. PerfectSync ensures these areas will quickly re-synchronise.

More audio flexibility

Up to 16 digital pre-recorded messages per amplifier. Simple 3-channel audio (evacuate, alert, page) to complex multi-channel mass notification including individual message prioritisation.

Unique audio engineering test feature confirms which amps are active, what message is playing, and can select and play a message in a specific area.

Command centre audio control lockout with indication of who’s in control.


Axis AX Battery Calculator

Axis AX Training Brochure

Axis AX Brochure

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