Corinthia Hotels

By Abdul-Jawad Elhusuni (عبدالجواد الحسوني)


Corinthia Hotels are a brand of luxury hotels and resorts founded in Malta by the Pisani family.

As well as having two hotels in Malta, the brand is also present in key gateway cities such as Budapest, Prague, St. Petersburg, Lisbon and Tripoli. 


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Sana'a Airport

Sana'a, Yemen

Located in the capital of Yemen, Sana’a International Airport shares its runway with a military base.  The airport serves some of the world’s most prestigious air lines including Emirates, Etihad and Air Arabia. A new terminal is currently being built for opening in 2015 and the 3,252 metre runway is able to handle the largest planes in the world.

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Lloyds Banking Group

Nationwide, UK

Founded in 1765, the original Lloyds bank expanded over the nineteenth and twentieth century to the brand that is known today. Merging with the Trustee Savings Bank in 1995, it was renamed Lloyds TSB plc. It currently has more than 16 million customers. In 2008 the company became Lloyds Banking Group plc following its takeover of HBOS and it now trades once more as Lloyds Bank following the spin-off of TSB.

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Drax Power Station

North Yorkshire, UK

Situated in North Yorkshire, Drax Power Station has the highest generating capacity of any power station in the United Kingdom and Western Europe. The coal-fired station was commissioned and built in two stages, the first in 1974 and the second twelve years later in 1986. Thanks to millions invested in carbon reduction technology and biomass burning, Drax is one of the cleanest coal-burning power stations in the world.

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The Ivy and Sexy Fish

London, UK

Two of London’s most exclusive restaurants, including the world-renowned Ivy, are now protected by industry-leading fire panels from Advanced.

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Umm Al Daman Villa Complex


This project involves the construction of over 300 villas on Dubai-Al Ain Road in Dubai.

Each villa will comprise of a ground floor with roomy lofts. The villas will be outfitted with marble kitchens, extravagent, hand-picked furniture pieces and a number of automated control features.


Birds and Pets Market


The Birds & Pets Market is situated in an area of 50 hectares in Warsan 3 area on the Hatta - Dubai Road. The market has a variety of birds & pets for sale which attracts the tourists in the area. The project includes an administration block, health quarry, labour accommodation and the animal hotel. The entire building blocks are covered by Advanced fire alarm control panels.

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St James's Hospital


St James's Hospital in Dublin delivers health treatment, care and diagnosis as well as health promotion and preventative services.  It is also a teaching hospital and partner to Trinity College, University of Dublin.

There has been a hospital on the site since 1727 and famous people who have served on the board of governors include Jonathan Swift and the original Arthur Guinness.  The current hospital opened in stages over the 1990s and amalgamated many of the services offered by older hospitals in the city.

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White Hart Lane

London, UK

Situated in North London, White Hart Lane is the iconic home of Tottenham Hotspur FC. First built in 1899, the stadium has been constantly developed through the years and now has a seating capacity of 36,240. During construction of the new Wembley Stadium, White Hart Lane played host to several England international games.

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