Children's Hospital

Chong Fat

Hong Kong, PRC

The Duchess of Kent Children’s Hospital is a paediatric hospital located in Sandy Bay, Hong Kong.  Founded in 1955 it now has 130 beds and over 260 staff. Today the hospital is renowned for its pioneering spinal surgeries. 

  • Healthcare

Southeast Bank


Southeast Bank is a private and commercial bank in Bangladesh. Founded in 1995 in Dhaka, the bank now has a net income of 5.43 billion Tk ($705 million). The aim of the bank is to contribute to the national economy of Bangladesh and it initiated a scholarship programme in 2009. 

  • Commercial & Financial

Paradise Hotel

Paphos, Cyprus

Situated in the quiet area of Paphos, the Paradise hotel offers peace and tranquillity on the edge of a forest. It is within walking distance of Lysos and 14km from Polis Chrysochus. 

  • Leisure & Hospitality



Weetabix is a food processing company responsible for the production of the eponymous breakfast cereal, along with many other brands. Founded in 1932 the company has factories all over the world including Europe, the USA, and Canada.

  • Industrial

Hilton Malta

St. Julian's, Malta

The Hilton, is located in the fashionable Maltese town of St. Julian’s. Decorated in a contemporary yet traditional Mediterranean style, the spacious hotel offers stunning Yacht Marina and sea views.

Hilton is an international chain of full service hotels and resorts comprising of 530 hotels across 78 countries.

  • Leisure & Hospitality



Now Tata Steel, Corus was a multinational steel making company with headquarters in London. Initially founded in 1967, it became Corus in 1999 when British Steel merged with Hoogovens of the Netherlands in 1999. The company currently has 50,000 employees, working in rolling mills and manufacturing sites all over the world.

  • Industrial

Tampine Sports Centre


Located in Singapore near the Tampines regional centre, it boasts one of the biggest club FITT gyms in the country. Having undergone significant upgrades, it has a swimming pool and appeals to all ages. 

  • Sports & Entertainment
  • Leisure & Hospitality

One New Change

Graham Horn -

London, UK

One New Change is a major office and retail development in London, United Kingdom. It comprises 560,000 square feet (52,000 m2) of floor space, including 220,000 square feet (20,000 m2) of retail space and 330,000 square feet (31,000 m2) of office space and is the only large shopping centre in the City of London, the historic nucleus and modern financial centre of London. It cost £500 million to build and was completed in October 2010.

  • Leisure & Hospitality
  • Commercial
  • Landmark

Raghadan Palace

Amman, Jordan

When Raghadan was built in 1926, it cost £1,600 to build. Stones from the southern town of Ma’an were used for the exterior. Its windows were made from coloured glass to resemble the al-Aqsa Mosque in Jerusalem.  It was rebuilt in the 1980s following a major fire and has been further restored since. It is currently the home of King Abdullah and his family.

  • Historic
  • Cultural
  • Government