The PENN (peripheral expansion network node) is a network device that lets you install Advanced’s comprehensive range of peripheral cards almost anywhere on the network, without needing additional panels. It delivers great flexibility along with significant installation cost savings.

  •  Add a wide range of input/output options, almost anywhere on the network and up to 1.5km from the panel
  •  Install over 6,000 peripherals on a network
  •  Run up to 199 PENN cards on a fault-tolerant network
  •  Each PENN card supports up to 32 peripheral cards
  •  Reduce costs and disruption by connecting inputs and outputs directly to the network instead of wiring them back to a panel
  •  Straightforward MxPro 5 configuration through Advanced’s DynamixTools software


Penn Brochure

Peripherals without the panel - anywhere on the network

Input Card

Gather data from third party peripheral devices e.g. air sampling units, flow switches, door contacts, dampers etc. 10 individually programmable…
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Fan & damper control interface network peripherals

Fan/Smoke Control

Integrate your fan and damper status monitoring and control into your fire system. Access smoke control and fire system data…
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Peripheral Bus I/O Card

Add LEDs and switches to panels for more precise indication and control. Connect up to 16 I/O cards per peripheral…
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Peripheral Relay Card

Control ancillary equipment e.g. magnetic door latches, fans/dampers, vents, lifts etc. Ideal for when many relay outputs are required for…
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4-Way Programmable Sounder Card

Expand the control panel sounder circuit beyond the four built into our panels. 4 individually programmable and monitored sounder output…
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Zonal LED Indicator Card

Add up to 2000 LED indicators to your system. Fully programmable Supports dynamic zoning to provide clear indication of events…
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8-Way Programmable Zone Monitor Card

Connect conventional detection devices to an addressable system. Provides 8 individually programmable zone monitor circuits compliant with BS EN54-18: 1998…
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Thermal Printer

Quickly pass critical fire system information to the Responsible Person/firefighters. Automatic/on-demand printouts of event log/status information Easy access, front-loading for…
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Add supplementary displays where required on the network. LCD display 24 programmable LEDs 8 key switch connections Silence/repeat Evacuate button…
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Pager Interface (ESPA)

Rapidly communicate critical fire system information to the Responsible Person’s pager. Connect LifeLine or third party paging systems to the…
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Peripheral Switch Card

Manual control of any fire system function. 16 programmable switches 48 configurable LED indicators Configurable buzzer Fast input response MXP-538
ViewRead more about Peripheral Switch Card
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