Newham University Hospital, London

UK & Ireland

Located in East London’s healthcare hub, Newham University Hospital now boasts a top-tier network of Advanced MxPro 5 panels, ensuring fire safety and peace of mind for patients, staff, and visitors.

Newham University Hospital serves as a vital healthcare facility offering A&E, maternity, and specialist services. The building required a significant overhaul of its fire alarm network without interfering with the hospital’s round-the-clock operations.

The process involved replacing the existing network with Advanced MxPro 5 panels. Comprehensive rewiring was undertaken by the installation team at M&G Fire Protection, and additional panels were installed to meet the stringent requirements of the fire officers. This upgrade also needed to take into account future enhancements planned over the next three years, so required meticulous planning and execution.

A total of 98 nodes were installed, covering more than 10,000 devices including 11 eight-loop panels, 10 four-loop panels, 8 two-loop panels, 44 one-loop panels, and 13 fault-tolerant remote display terminals. The fire system needed to be integrated with a wide range of building management systems, requiring complex cause and effect planning and programming to comply with HTM0503 standards governing fire safety in the design of healthcare premises.

M&G Fire Protection leveraged Advanced’s cutting-edge solutions, citing its versatile multi-protocol switch-over capabilities and intuitive cause-and-effect configuration. With a proven track record in deploying Advanced systems, M&G’s choice was clear for this intricate upgrade.

Despite numerous hurdles, by adopting a phased approach and working in collaboration with hospital staff, M&G minimised downtime and maintained system functionality throughout the upgrade. Thanks to the success of this project, M&G were recognised with the ‘Installation Company of the Year’ award at this year’s FSM Awards.

Steve Middleton, Director, M&G Fire Protection, stated: “We opted for Advanced panels due to their flexible cause-and-effect configuration, which makes setup, testing, and maintenance a breeze. The intuitive display makes the panels very easy to use, and the integration with external services via the BMS card is straightforward and highly beneficial. Additionally, the network setup options and speed are impressive, reinforcing our confidence in Advanced’s solutions.”

Salvy Vittozzi, Advanced’s Regional Sales Manager for the South East, said “Advanced’s fire safety solutions were ideal for Newham University Hospital due to their robust capabilities and ease of integration. The flexibility and reliability of our systems ensured that, even with the complex requirements and round-the-clock operations of a major healthcare facility, we could deliver a seamless and effective fire safety solution. This project highlights our commitment to providing advanced technology that meets the highest standards and adapts to the evolving needs of critical environments like hospitals.”

Completed on schedule and with ample room for future expansion, the project underscores both Advanced’s commitment to delivering cutting-edge fire safety solutions and M&G’s dedication to excellence and collaboration.


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