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An industry-leading Axis EN fire system has been installed in MIRACLZ, a new mixed-use tower block in Dubai.

Our Axis EN range with voice evacuation, fire telephone, and smoke management has been installed at MIRACLZ, covering the entire building. Located next to Miracle Garden, the 37-storey building houses 591 fully furnished one-bedroom, two-bedroom and studio apartments; shopping and leisure experiences; a swimming pool and sauna; gym; party hall; and kids’ play area.

The main fire panel with voice command centre is located in the ground floor fire command centre room and is networked with multiple 1, 4 and 8-loop panels to form a distributed system. The installation also included an Advanced remote repeater panel, integration with third-party detectors, and a dedicated voice evacuation amplifier on each of the building’s floors.

EDMAC Consulting specified the fire system and it was supplied, installed and commissioned by Advanced distribution partners, Cignetix Systems. Fully integrated with BACNET BMS, the system incorporates over three thousand addressable devices including interfacing units for monitoring or controlling of water flow switches, staircase pressurisation fans, lifts, air handling units and fire dampers. The system complies with various European, American and UAE Civil Defence codes.

Sunil Gopalkrishnan, Managing Director at Cignetix, said: “Thanks to their reputation for performance, quality and ease of use, Advanced are our preferred choice of fire alarm, fire telephone and voice evacuation systems – capable of handling large networks of up to 200 panels and complex cause and effect programming.”

Sasi Kumar, Commercial Manager, Middle East and Africa at Advanced, said: “The Middle East is a unique market with both EN and UL solutions being used. GCC customers can be disappointed if a fire system doesn’t meet the standard they require on a project, but we offer solutions for both standards in our Axis EN and Axis AX product ranges respectively. Few competitors can match us from that respect and this flexibility is valued by our customers. The Axis ranges are not only robust and versatile, but also easy to use – from installation and commissioning to servicing, maintenance and day-to-day operation. We have had excellent feedback on the Advanced Axis EN system from the installer at MIRACLZ.”

Providing powerful networking capacity, the Axis EN system supports robust networks of up to 200 panels per network. Networks can also be combined to create very large fire systems making the Axis EN ideal for complex, large-scale installations. Whether networking high-risk sites with complicated cause and effect, remotely monitoring networked sites, or integrating with building management systems, intuitive software and panel navigation make setup straightforward.

Axis EN is a complete fire system solution combining a high-performance, addressable panel approved to EN54 Parts 2, 4 and 13 with a comprehensive wired and wireless detector range plus extensive peripheral options.

Our fire telephone solution is ideal for high and low-rise apartment buildings, hotels, universities, government and military sites where local fire departments and emergency personnel need access to fire/emergency communications. Designed for clear, easy-to-use control, the conventional system benefits from LED status indications showing its operational state – whether the system has a call-in, is connected or is in fault condition. The fire telephone system can be configured as either a standalone, independent system or completely integrated into the Axis EN fire system.


Axis EN – DoP(EU) VMxxx

Axis EN – 2797-CPR-775394

Axis EN wireless brochure

Axis EN wireless flyer

Consultant Specification for Axis EN

Axis EN Training Brochure

Axis EN – DoP 2021 ACWS + AWSM

Axis EN – DOP 2021 MX5000 DK

Axis En – 2831-CPR-F4700-Issue-1-20-VW2W100-ADV

AXIS EN – 2831-CPR-F4699-Issue-1-20-SGWE100-ADV

Axis EN – 2831-CPR-F4561-Issue-1_AXIS-RCP

Axis EN – 2831-CPR-F2065-Issue-3-Axis-ROH

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