HaDo Centrosa Garden, Ho Chi Minh City


An intelligent network of 20 Advanced Axis EN fire panels has been installed at HaDo Centrosa Garden in the heart of Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam, formerly known as Saigon.

HaDo Centrosa Garden is a 70,000 m2 development of eight 30-storey luxury residential towers and 115 townhouses located in the heart of Vietnam’s Ho Chi Minh City. The upscale condominium complex’s facilities will include a swimming pool, tennis and basketball courts, fitness centre, rooftop gardens, a park, school, library and commercial centre.

A key requirement for this large-scale complex was a system with high-speed networking capabilities to enable instantaneous sharing of communications between panels. To meet this need, fire protection companies Vietsafe and KP Technology chose 20 Advanced Axis EN fire alarm control panels, alongside 3,000 addressable devices, for installation in the eight residential towers.

Axis EN is EN54 parts 2, 4 and 13 approved and its panels can be used in single-loop, single-panel format or easily configured into high-speed, multi-loop networks of up to 200 nodes covering huge areas. Advanced’s reputation for ease of installation and configuration as well as its wide peripheral range make its products customisable to almost any application. AlarmCalm software comes as standard with any Axis EN, allowing the false alarm management strategy for a site to be refined precisely and to take account of occupants’ needs and area usage. It also includes the optional AlarmCalm button – a loop device that allows residents or trained staff to indicate whether they believe a signal in their area is due to a false alarm.


Axis EN – DoP(EU) VMxxx

Axis EN – 2797-CPR-775394

Axis EN wireless brochure

Axis EN wireless flyer

Consultant Specification for Axis EN

Axis EN Training Brochure

Axis EN – DoP 2021 ACWS + AWSM

Axis EN – DOP 2021 MX5000 DK

Axis En – 2831-CPR-F4700-Issue-1-20-VW2W100-ADV

AXIS EN – 2831-CPR-F4699-Issue-1-20-SGWE100-ADV

Axis EN – 2831-CPR-F4561-Issue-1_AXIS-RCP

Axis EN – 2831-CPR-F2065-Issue-3-Axis-ROH

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