Bulgarian Ministry of Education, Sofia


The Bulgarian Ministry of Education is protected by an Advanced ExGo extinguishant control system.

Charged with regulating education and promoting scientific work in Bulgaria , the Ministry was founded in 1879 as the Ministry of Popular Enlightenment and existed under that name until 1947. The name of the Ministry changed numerous times until 2009, when it was renamed the Ministry of Education, Youth and Science, before reverting back to its current name in 2013.

A recent upgrade of the fire systems saw Advanced’s ExGo suppression system installed in the main archive room, supported by optical smoke and air sampling detection, LCD+LED indicators and remote indicators.

The ultra-dependable ExGo extinguishant and suppression control system has been developed specifically for sensitive and strategic assets such as server rooms, historic and cultural attractions and control rooms. The system installed at the Ministry of Education and Science has 28 components and is connected to the existing fire alarm control panel in the building. ExGo is suitable for almost all single-flooding area applications and include a range of control options and devices. It is approved to EN54 parts 2,4 and 13 and EN12094-1 and is among the first systems to combine these with EN12094 in a single solution. EN12094-3 relates to the integrated manual release on the front of the panel. ExGo can be integrated into Advanced’s Axis EN fire system or any third party alarm system.


Axis EN – DoP(EU) VMxxx

Axis EN – 2797-CPR-775394

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ExGo – DBI certification

Consultant Specification for ExGo

Consultant Specification for Axis EN

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