Commander is a field controller for BMS integration. It offers a powerful IP-based BMS/Graphics interface for customers requiring protocol translation between a BMS and the MxPro 5 series of addressable fire control panels and remote terminals.

The interface is an integral part of the Ad-NeT network, permitting the handling of all network traffic and event prioritisation, via a PC, using a simple RS232 connection.

Multiple interfaces can be connected to the network catering for sites requiring control from a number of graphical PCs.

Read more about BMS integration using Commander, or if you are a direct customer, simply click the link below to find out more about our training course:

Commander (BMS integration) training

BMS integration solution

Main Features

Sector-based programming to meet the fire safety needs of each building, such as hospitals or airports, to help predict challenges and respond to changing conditions, as well as maintaining environmental conditions.

Powerful Windows-based software management suite enables engineers to write ‘cause and effect’ strategy, check data logging, calendar, and timer functions.

Supports up to 640 Objects/Tags of information, which can be configured and passed between network components and delivered to the BMS using TCP/IP technology.

Users can read panel, zone, and device status by reading values representing Normal status, Disablement, Faults, Pre-Alarm and Fire.

Users are also able to mute, silence/ resound and reset the network or panel, disable the device, activate disablement group, and generate an external alarm and external fire.

Built-in Webserver to provide advanced control, display and management.

Can be used with any Ad-NeT or Ad-NeT+ network series control panels.

Easily configured via PC-NET-003.

Standard & fault tolerant network versions.


BMS – Declaration of Conformity MXP510

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