AdvancedLive release notes

We’re always developing AdvancedLive based on user feedback. Here you’ll find past releases and a summary of current functionality.

Intelligent Notifications

May 2023

Image of iphone showing AdvancedLive with notifications listed. Notification bell has count in redAdvancedLive now helps you manage your fire system even more effectively by letting you customise the types of notifications you receive – and how you receive them – to suit your needs.

Select your notifications from a wide range of options, including:

  • Various alarm types
  • Faults
  • Isolations
  • Tests
  • Connectivity issues
Choose how you want to receive your notifications, via:

  • SMS
  • Email
  • Push notification
  • Or a combination

Once you’ve chosen your notification types and methods – a quick, easy process of toggling options on and off – you’ll only be notified of the events that matter to you.
For additional clarity, AdvancedLive groups related notifications ensuring you don’t receive multiple, duplicate messages about the same event, which can compromise safety.
AdvancedLive also minimises distractions by moving successfully resolved events to the event log so you can view them later but focus now on things needing your immediate attention.

Remotely controlling your fire system

Release notes v11 – December 2022

Image of iPhone showing AdvancedLive with silence and reset options

To give you more control of your fire system via AdvancedLive, you can now remotely mute and reset your panels, and silence and resound your sounders as the need arises.  Whenever your fire system goes into fire or fault condition, you’ll see these new control options display within the ‘panel view’ of AdvancedLive.

For added speed, ease of use and safety, the mute, reset, silence and resound options are presented in a smart way, so only appropriate actions are displayed. For example, if there are new faults on the fire system, the mute option will appear; if a fire is detected and the sounders have been silenced, the resound option will display.

We’ve also added help text so users can be certain they are taking the right actions to protect people and premises.

As ever, to ensure site safety, the responsible person chooses and sets the user permissions for this new functionality.
They can choose who’s able to:

  • Mute panels or silence and resound sounders
  • Reset the fire system.


Understanding your panel

Release Notes v10 – November 2022

Advanced Live device panel on iphone

You can now see all fire panels on your system via AdvancedLive. This not only makes it clearer if there are
issues to address, but also gives you easy access to full panel history.

A fire incident timeline now has more information including:

  • who has been notified
  • if/how the incident was viewed
  • any actions taken during the incident e.g. muting panels, silencing sounders, etc.



Manage isolations remotely

Release Notes v9 – October 2022

Image of iphone showing AdvancedLive with a device in isolation

  • As well as being able to remotely view your fire system to help with fire incidents, you can now use AdvancedLive to actively control and manage parts of the system too
  • New time-saving functionality means you can quickly and easily set and end isolations on your chosen devices without needing to be at the panel
  • Clear visual representation of enabled and isolated devices on the AdvancedLive dashboard provide clarity over actions taken and full awareness of system status – for complete peace of mind
  • You can also access a comprehensive audit of users who set/ended isolations for full accountability
  • As ever with AdvancedLive, it’s up to the responsible person to set the user permissions for this functionality, so you can be confident you’re in control of your system
  • Following a fire incident, you can now see a full audit of actions taken, by whom, in the incident timeline and device history
  • When you’re viewing device details, it’s now easier to understand status and location.


Better input/output unit visibility

Release Notes v8 – August 2022

Image of iphone showing AdvancedLive with paired input and output devices

If you use AdvancedLive with maps, you’ll see we’ve simplified how we display multi-state input and output devices. One symbol now represents all the inputs and outputs in an I/O unit. Clicking on it reveals an expanded view, so you can clearly see the status of each part, which makes it easier to locate and resolve I/O unit issues.

  • We’ve made it easier to see the different parts that make up paired output devices on our maps. By improving how we represent them, it’s now clear if devices are standalone or combined. Clicking on a paired or stacked device icon brings up details of how it’s made up, for example whether it’s a sounder/beacon or an optical smoke detector, sounder and beacon. It’s also now easy to change the position of devices by dragging them to the correct location
  • Secure password-free login option where single sign on is not available. Fast access through ‘magic link’ removes the problems posed by weak, shared and forgettable passwords.


Easy device placement on maps

Release Notes v7 – June 2022

Image of iphone showing AdvancedLive with devices that have been made with option to cancel or save changes Image of iPhone showing AdvancedLive user permission options

If you use maps in AdvancedLive, we’ve made it simpler to alter the location of previously plotted devices on your building plans. You can now drag existing devices to the correct location in the room, floor or building, keeping AdvancedLive in sync with any fire system changes on your site.

As with all AdvancedLive functionality, you set the permissions for who can do what, so you remain in full control of your system and site.

  • You can now access AdvancedLive via Microsoft and LinkedIn, for fast, secure access without the need to remember yet another password!
  • It’s also even easier to plot new devices on your maps. After initial placement, you can now drag them into the exact position required.


Simplified device management

Release Notes v6 – May 2022

Image of iPad showing AdvancedLive map whilst adding devices

If you have map view as part of your AdvancedLive package, we’ve made it easy to plot the location of newly added devices on your building plans.

Devices yet to be mapped are clearly flagged per zone. It’s simply a case of placing each unmapped device in its correct location and pressing save to make them visible on your map.

You set the permissions for this functionality, so you remain in full control of your system.

  • Improvements to the way we capture data mean you’ll always be accessing the very latest system status information – even after breaks in connection or device removal
  • AdvancedLive management is now even smoother. Easily invite new users, revoke access, view user status and set permissions – for complete control of who does what on the system
  • Whether using list or map view, we’ve made it easy for you to view and navigate different floors – and quickly identify areas needing your attention
  • When using map view, save time by hovering over device symbols to access additional information about them – you no longer need to navigate away for extra details
  • When using list view, if device status changes, a notification is clearly flagged. You can click to view changes immediately or refresh the data later to suit your needs.

View your fire system your way

Release Notes v5 – January 2022

You can now select how you view your fire system via AdvancedLive. Choose from map view, list view, or both during setup to best meet the needs of your site and facilities teams.

If you choose maps, you’ll notice we’ve made some improvements so they’re even more informative and easy to use.
In addition, we’ve introduced new features that allow single-person testing to help save you time. When a panel is in test mode, AdvancedLive now captures in real time when a device is being tested. This eliminates the need to have a second person waiting at the panel. AdvancedLive records the test date and time, so you can track your device test history and prove compliance.

  • View your fire system as a list of devices – all the information you need, without the need to set up maps.
  • Enjoy quicker, easier testing of devices in alarm, with less scope for accidental activations compared with more
    traditional approaches
  • Check fire system status more quickly and intuitively thanks to clearer device icons and map labelling improvements
  • Benefit from performance improvements based on ongoing user feedback – for continued fire protection peace of mind.


Stop unwanted evacuations

Release Notes v4 – October 2021

You no longer need to be beside the fire panel to acknowledge alarms.

AdvancedLive now features an alarm acknowledgement button, mirroring the one on your fire panel, so you can act remotely. Pressing the acknowledgement button on your mobile, tablet or laptop lets you extend the investigation period on site. Our easy-to-use maps will help you find the device in alarm before the extra time elapses and avoid unwanted alarms.

You can now also use AdvancedLive to isolate a device in alarm before going to the panel to reset your system.

  • Remotely acknowledge and extend the fire alarm investigation period (if your fire system is set up with this option)
  • Seamlessly and securely access AdvancedLive via a text notification link during an alarm.
  • Isolate devices in alarm to help you deal with unwanted alarms before resetting the fire system at the panel.


Informed decisions on the go

Release Notes v3 – July 2021

You can now access even more information during fire incidents.

The dashboard, accessed via text message, now includes an investigation delay countdown – this looks like the timer you see on your fire system if it’s set up with an investigation/acknowledgement delay. Improved countdown visibility gives you maximum decision and response time before the system goes into full alarm.

You now also have an incident timeline for live viewing and post-event reviewing. You can follow developments closely and make safer, more informed decisions on the go, as well as analysing how events unfolded.

In addition, for full visibility and peace of mind, any status changes are now instantly sent by text alert ensuring you don’t miss any further device activations, investigation delay start and end points or panel resets.

  • Dashboard view of investigation countdown – both first and second stage, depending on your fire system setup – for maximum response time
  • Intuitive timeline view of the fire incident, including types of detection
  • Status change alerts via text message during the incident – first and subsequent detections, investigation delay start and end points and reset action.

Instant text alerts

Release Notes v2 – June 2021

You’ll now receive instant text alerts as soon as your fire system detects a fire.
A simple dashboard puts you in control by showing clear, real-time progress of the alarm.
The intuitive pinch-to-zoom map provides critical information at a glance, to help you avoid unnecessary evacuations and deal with real fires in the safest way possible.

  • Instant text alert to mobile upon fire alarm
  • Simplified and colour-coded response page
  • Easy pinch-to-zoom map view, full screen option
  • Highlights new detections as they arise
  • Automatic link timeout 30 minutes after reset to prevent misuse.


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