System DiagramSample System Diagram

LifeLine is designed to quickly and effectively meet fire system radio paging requirements.  Like all Advanced panels it's designed to offer more, to be easy to install and operate.

LifeLine can operate from any stand alone conventional or addressable panel or across a large addressable network and is quickly integrated via an ESPA card (for detailed fire paging) or a simple relay conneciton (for hearing impaired fire alerts).

The sample diagram below shows how LifeLine can be integrated into a larger fire management system, with MxPro intelligent fire panels and ExGo extinguishent release management panels.

Lifeline Sys Diag

ExGo Extinguishing Control

Fire paging can be integrated with Extinguisher control panels to give staff alerts, saving you time and money.

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Intelligent Fire Panels

LifeLine seamlessly integrates with our intelligent analogue addressable fire panels.

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