MxPro 4Damper Interface Card

The Advanced Damper Interface is a loop driven device that utilises the Apollo protocol. The device is a fully monitored interface providing confirmation of the damper open and closed positions.

For use with dampers that are normally held open. Fail-safe operation only applicable to electrically opened & mechanically closed dampers.

Key Features

  • Damper motor drive and limit switch monitoring integrated into a single unit
  • Dual limit switch inputs for confirmation of damper-fully-open, and damper-fully-closed positions
  • Selectable monitoring on switch inputs to prevent short circuits in the wiring from giving false position readings
  • Fail-safe options in case of data errors in the communications loop
Enclosure Dimensions H x W x D mm300 x 200 x 150 - Steel IP66
ColourRAL 7032 Light Grey
PCB Dimensions H x W x D mm35 x 142 x 70
Operating Temperature-5°C to 40°C
Realative Humidity95% non-condensing (maximum)
Mains Supply230V AC, 50Hz (+10%,-15%), 30mA (plus motor load)
Motor Switch Rating1.0A
Fuse (PCB)T3.15H250V
Fuse (Fuse terminal block)T3.15H250V
Data loop current1.6mA

Order Codes and Options

Mxp-046: Damper Interface Card
Mxp-046-BX1: Damper Interface Boxed


Use with dedicated damper panels using Apollo protocol devices MxPro 4 series fire panels require version 019- 01 (or higher) program to use with Apollo protocol devices PC configuration program must be 4.10 (or higher) to support damper interface units.