LiTe NetworkingNetworking

Advanced Electronics Ad-NeT fire network is compatible with the LiTe Series .

It can be configured to allow the interconnection of up to 200 panels (nodes) in a fault tolerant configuration. The maximum cable length between nodes is 1.5km, with a total loop length of 20km. The network is capable of withstanding a single fault between nodes without loss of communications to any single panel. This is all achieved using standard two-core fire resistant cable.

The network operates as a true peer-to-peer system allowing information from any input or output device to be passed over the network and displayed on any control panel or remote terminal as required. Details include fire, general alarm, pre-alarm, fault, control inputs and disablement as well as analogue values, test instructions and status information.

The dynamic zoning facility allows the networked system to utilise up to 1,000 zones providing non-confusing indication and allowing true peerto- peer cross panel report, control and site-wide cause and effect functionality. No single panel is required to act as a 'Master' for the network to operate.