LiTe LuminairesLuminaires

Emergency LiTe Luminaires
Each of the luminaires monitors and displays an analogue reading of true light level for individual luminaires at the panel. Systematic cross checking of charger and battery voltage as measured by each PLU can also be displayed at the panel. This allows the panel to not only analyse the performance of the luminaires during testing, but also confirm the satisfactory performance of the luminaires on a daily basis.

Soft addressing from the control panel reduces installation times and eliminates problems with double addresses. Configuration of the luminaires operating characteristics can be achieved from the panel (i.e. number and type of cells, type of fitting - maintained/non maintained), although luminaires supplied by Advanced will already be configured correctly. Communications between the panel and devices are interference free, with high accuracy due to the unique PuLsE protocol developed by Advanced Electronics. Light level monitoring using the unique 'FoLd' (Fibre Optic Level Detection), that provides a true indication of how much light is actually being provided by the luminaire.

Central Battery & Static Inverter Systems
The Advanced Electronics Addressable Emergency Lighting System not only works with self contained luminaires but is equally appropriate for static and central battery systems. Through its range of dedicated peripherals, the panel supports the Advanced range of static and central battery systems.

Static Inverter Systems
A range of emergency power supplies have been designed to provide an extremly reliable, user friendly, maintenance free, solution for a wide range of emergency lighting systems. These units are robust and uncomplicated having their primary functions displayed.