Emergency Light Testing

Advanced's legendary LiTE emergency lighting test system has been rebranded as Lux Intelligent, and now is available with a whole range of emergency luminaires, and cloud based monitoring and reporting providing access via mobile devices and web browsers.

The emergency light testing control panels form the cornerstone of the Lux Intelligent range of emergency lighting control products. Fully compatible with all of the luminaires, conversions and peripherals, these products provide a flexible, cost effective solution to any emergency lighting testing and monitoring system. The panel fully supports our noise immune PuLsE protocols and provides real-time monitoring and the automatic testing of the emergency lighting installations.

Lux Intelligent now has it's own dedicated website which can be found at www.LuxIntelligent.com where you will find full details about the emergency lighting test panel, the full emergency luminaire range as well as the emergency lighting cloud monitoring.


Intelligent Luminaire Test