Axis ENMimic Controller

The Mimic Controller provides a convenient and cost effective solution to any system that requires supplementary graphical indication of the installation via LED technology.

These units, unlike a panel mounted LED array, which to be meaningful must also have a printed lookup table or picture adjacent to the panel, provide an unambiguous graphical representation of the actual zones in fire.

The unit can be mounted either internally in an Axis EN multi-loop control panel, or alternatively, in a bespoke remote enclosure. Each unit comprises a graphical representation of the installation together with a programmable mimic driver card and LED indicators. The mimic diagram is copied from a standard CAD drawing provided by the client and the finished unit is supplied pre-wired and ready to power-up.

Applications / Limitations

The 100 Way Network Mimic Controller is a stand-alone unit with / without its own EN54-4 power supply and charger. Each output on the card is fully programmable using a PC programming suite.

Key Features

  • 100 programmable LED driver outputs for energising and providing LED indication
  • Expandable to 200 by installation of an expansion card
  • Supports the connectivity of 10 Way Relay Output Card
  • Large full colour graphical indication for site maps, building layouts or simply zonal indication.
  • Can be located remotely by simply adding the type of mimic interface onto the Ad-Net/Ad-NeT+ Network
  • Supplementary graphical indication
  • Zonal or fully programmable LED option
  • Fully networkable
  • Full colour mimic option
  • 3 year warranty as standard
AC Supply (Boxed Versions)220-240V AC (+10-15%) 50-60Hz 1.6A. Support for up to 2 x 12V 7Ah batteries
DC Supply (PCB) @ 24V DC18-28V DC 63mA (/FT 101mA) + 0.8mA per LED energised
Output Drive Circuit3.3V 4mA current limited (for direct LED connection)

Order Codes and Options

Mxp-020-100(/FT)*: 100 Way Network Output Controller (Unboxed)
Mxp-027(F): 100 Way Expansion Card (Fitted)
Mxp-052(F): 10 Way Relay Card (Fitted)
Mxp-026(F): High Intensity LED (Red/Green/Yellow - Fitted)
* /FT: Denotes fault tolerant version


The Mimic Controller is compatible with all Axis EN control panels from software revision 019-04 using the Ad-Net peer-to-peer or standard network platform. The Mimic Controller is programmable using the Pc-NeT-03 Mx configuration tool revision 4.19 onwards.