Axis En LogoRemote Terminals

The remote terminals utilise the same graphical LCD user interface that can be found on the Axis EN series fire panels and are based upon the same advanced, flash based, microprocessor technology.

All remote terminals incorporate buzzer mute, view, enable/disable and test facilities with dedicated system and navigation keys for simple user control.

  • Three types available including:
    MX-5010 - Remote Display Terminal
    MX-5020 - Remote Control Terminal with additional Mute, Silence, Reset and Resound keys
    MX-5030 - Remote Control Terminal with additional LED status indication, four programmable push buttons, Mute, Silence, Reset, Resound, Lamp Test and Evacuate Keys.
  • Optional level 2 access enable key switch
  • Integrated standard or fault-tolerant network interface with screen termination point
  • Programmable display for up to 2,000 zones along with sector based controls


Axis EN Remote Terminal Part Numbers

Product CodeDescription
MX-5010* Remote Display Terminal (RDT)
MX-5020* Remote Control Terminal (RCT) - Small
MX-5030* Remote Control Terminal (RCT) - Large

*add FT for Fault-tolerant network