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The Axis EN Rack Mounts are wall-fixing enclosures, providing an industry standard 19" 6 U rack solution. The modular assembly rack mount enclosures are designed for use with the Axis EN series of fire alarm control panels.

The panels and peripheral devices are housed in dedicated module assemblies designed to be installed into standard 19” rack mount enclosures. Enclosures are provided in different sizes to IP55 rating (IP30 with outer glass door open). In addition, the module assemblies can be mounted into commercial rack mount enclosures.

Ideal for any application where an IP55 requirement is specified or a modular assembly of fire control panels, programmable push button switches, mimics or any other third party apparatus is required in a 6U rack system.

The enclosures are ergonomically designed to provide practical, adaptable and robust enclosures for use within the fire industry.

All metal fabrication is designed for the Axis EN Series panels, power supplies, peripheral bus modules and network peripherals.

The standard enclosures offer ingress protection to category IP55 with the outer door closed. Internal ingress protection (with the door open) is to category IP30.

Visual indicators can be seen through the glass panel. The outer door is not locked to provide access to Level 1 and Level 2 controls. An optional key-lock is available for critical installations.

Order CodeDescription
Mx-5101R Panel 1-LP Module 6U
Mx-5202R Panel 2-LP Module 6U
Mx-5401R Panel 4-LP Module 6U (fitted with 1-LP)
Mxp-514 AC Filter Card Kit
Mxm-510-16U Enclosure IP55 16U
Mxm-510-KL Optional CAM Key-Lock kit for outer door
Mxm-510-BS Enclosure Battery Shelf (7Ah/18Ah)
Mxm-510-BS1 Enclosure Battery Shelf Lower (25Ah)
Mxm-510-CP Enclosure Chassis Plate
Mxm-511-XX Enclosure – Blanking Plates – XX = 1U, 2U, 4U, 8U
Mxm-512 Enclosure – LED Mounting Plate 4U
Mxm-513-BB Enclosure – Utility Module 6U – Back Box

Bespoke Design & Manufacture


Our AdSpecials department works with customers to design and manufacture unique panels and control interfaces for our fire systems.

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