Axis En Logo4 Loop Panels

Advanced's state of the art 4 loop analogue addressable Fire Control Panel is compliant with EN54 parts 2,4 and 13 and features:

  • One to four loops
  • Large enclosure
  • Maximum 17Ah internal batteries
  • Up to 200 additional programmable LEDs
  • Up to 8 programmable key switches or 4 plus printer
  • Plexi-glass door option
  • Deep and Extended enclosure options
  • 20 programmable Zonal / 25 System LEDs.
  • Advanced graphical LCD user interface and support for up to 200 fire zones by default allowing full EN54 compliance without additional hardware.
  • Dedicated USB & RS232 serial port for direct PC or modem connection.
  • Installer friendly Auto-learn, Loop Detection and On-board Scope facility for ease of commissioning and fault finding.
  • The graphical display can be configured to operate with virtually any language or character set, and allow the installer's logo to be applied using the Logo application software.
  • Integral P-Bus for system expansion via available option cards.
  • Ad-NeT peer-to-peer network with up to 2000 zones
  • Approved to BS EN54 Parts 2, 4 and 13.
  • Certified by FM Approvals to EN54 Parts 2 and 4.