High Performance Panels

Axis AX is our highest performing UL 864 compliant panel range and comes complete with digital audio.

Axis AX is the result of decades of fire alarm and detection experience and research and development involving installers, specifiers, consultants and
end users across the world.

Axis AX panels have been designed to offer more power and performance in a user friendly format. Axis AX packs in more configuration, control and interface options than any comparable Advanced panel. Multiple advanced features mean it will maintain its performance advantages for years to come.

All of the Intelligent Fire Alarm Control Panels in the AX Series consist of identical electronic modules and can be programmed from a laptop PC configuration tool. Axis AX’s features have been proven to sharply reduce installation time, help identify wiring and programming errors, provide local and remote system diagnostics as well as providing exceptional fire detection without nuisance alarms.

Every Axis AX panel features Advanced’s unbeatable networking capabilities and Dynamix Tools fire panel software making it easy to use, configure and maintain, from the smallest to the largest of sites and with complicated cause-and effect.

  • 1,2,or 4 loop formats
  • Each 500mA digital signaling line circuit support up to 126 intelligent devices
  • 1,000 Fire Zones when networked or 200 per panel
  • Easy, high performance networking (up to 200 nodes)
  • Circuit monitoring from any panel or annunciator
  • True peer to peer networking
  • Style 4 or 7 configuration
  • Individual node configurable event reporting and control
  • Comprehensive network diagnostics
  • Compatible with all of the AX Series peripherals including annunciators, relay modules, I/O modules, power supplies, internal and portable printers, network modules, LED/switch modules, modem, RS-232, amplifiers, DACT and more
  • Supports shielded wire, non-shielded wire and fibre optic lines
  • Beam detectors, smoke detectors, sounder bases, open area sounders and beacons can be powered from SLC without need for a separate 24V supply
  • Superb noise immunity and emissions
  • Regulated loop voltage sustained during AC loss 2 or 4 voltage regulated NACs compatible with most listed NAC devices
  • Two Amp current limit per NAC with alerts on panel or via email if limit exceeded
  • Advanced’s Simple Select & Click programming & configuration
  • Panel includes large 240x60 backlit LED with
  • Advanced’s simple navigation and programming
  • Unique, built-in voltage and current meters for easy diagnostics can be viewed on panel or remotely.
  • Unique auto-test of battery cell integrity
  • Direct USB and RS232 PC connections or Remote access and control of panels and network via Advanced ipGateway
  • Output fully regulated clean 24 volts DC to all Notification Appliance Devices, making the panels ideal for retrofit applications without fear of failing regulatory compatibility listings
  • 100% digital communications on the SLC to all intelligent smoke detectors and I/O modules
  • Fast response and superior rejection of unwanted RF noise.
  • Multi-sensor programming options allow for supervisory pre-alarm upon programmable smoke obscuration and fire alarm upon programmable temperature fixed or rate of rise.
  • Fully integrated 40/80 Watt digital audio options
  • Autolearn and Loop detection
  • Quick start and protect - A working system after an Auto learn is performed Ul864 ‘9th Edition’ approved

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Bespoke Design & Manufacture


Our AdSpecials department works with customers to design and manufacture unique panels and control interfaces for our fire systems.

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